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Live Casino Bonus and Promotions

Live Casino Bonus – Finding a bonus to use in a live casino is not the easiest task one could get. Want to play slots? No problem the casinos will bury you under promotional-offers every single day. Not for live games. Maybe a free chip every now and then but that is about it. The reason behind this is simple. Giving out a live casino bonus results in a higher risk of losing the bonus-money to the player at the table games.

Live Casino Bonus Calculation

To get a better understanding of “risk of losing” the live casino bonus as an operator one has to know the meaning of “house-edge”. Basically the house-edge is the percentage of advantage the casino has on the player to win. In an perfectly equal situation the player and the casino both should have 50% change of winning (or losing). However in this case the risk of getting busted is to big for a casino. Hence the games have a house-edge that gives the house a slightly higher chance of winning.

The lowest house-edges can be found at table games. As most of the live casino games are table games the casino's are not a huge fan of handing out free live casino bonuses. Let's take a closer look at the house-edge of the different tables games:

live casino bonus at royal panda



Things to bear in mind

  • - Read T&C's before playing
  • - Beware of "max bets" rules
  • - Consider if you need a bonus
live casino bonus roulette
At Roulette the house-edge for depends on which version you play:

  • French Roulette with one zero – 2.70%
  • American with double zero – 5.26%

You can clearly see that the house-edge at the American style tables is not in your favor.

live  casino promotion blackjack
At the live Blackjack tables the house-edge depends on hands played and cards given. This is obvious as good card give you a much higher chance of winning. No this can not be confused with house-edge.

  • Blackjack house-edge – 0.56%

Blackjack is the game with the lowest house-edge of all casino games.

live baccarat bonus and promotions
When playing Baccarat the house-edge depends on the choice “Player” or “Banker”:

  • Player – 1.24%
  • Banker – 1.06%

If one would solely look at these figures the choice would be easy. Nevertheless there is more to the baccarat game then house-edge only.

Obviously there are hundreds of different games and they all have their own house-edge. However this page is to inform you about live casino bonus and promotions hence we leave the house-edge topic here.

Where can I find live casino promotions

Given the house-edge risk it is hard to find live casino promotions on the web. But not to be disappointed as there are some casinos online that offer promotions for live games. The sign-up bonus for example. Basically every player is “entitled” to this welcome offer. Nowadays most of the welcome bonuses are a double bonus, a percentage of bonus-money on your deposit and x- amount of free spins.

In many casinos the bonus money can be used to wager on live casino games. However they do not count for the full 100% towards the wagering requirements (also know as Roll-Over).

We have taken some information  of the live casino bonus terms from the casinos we recommend. Check out below which of the casinos has the best T&C's for you.

Bonus Terms & Conditions at recommended live casinos

  • Royal Panda –  “Wagering requirements can only be fulfilled by the player by placing real money bets with their cash balance on those products and games as outlined in the table below.” –  Live games 10%
  • Betsson – Wagering on most games in casino and live casino will contribute towards wagering requirements but certain games will contribute more than others. The following are the wagering requirements for each individual game type: All Live Casino games: 15% – Except Dream Catcher: 50%
  • LeoVegas – Certain games contribute 100% towards your Live Casino bonus which holds a 70x wagering requirement (unless stated otherwise). Our games contribute to Live Casino bonuses in the following way: Live Games – 100%
  • MrGreen –  Games Excluded from Bonus play – Live Casino Games

Remarks on the above live casino bonus requirements

At first sight one might think that LeoVegas has the best live casino promotion as all live games counts towards the bonus turn over requirements for 100%. Looks good not? Not really, look at the 70X wagering… nearly impossible to turnover the bonus.

The “worst” bonus terms and conditions appears to be the ones from MrGreen as none of the live casino games bets counts towards bonus requirement. But is this really so bad?! In our humble opinion not at all. Why would you be tied up to bonus requirements when there are next to impossible to fulfill?  Much better not to make use of any promotional offer when playing live casino games. You win? All money is yours instantly!

(By the way the guys at have a great article about the history of casinobonuses. Read it here)

Most common promotions one can find at live casinos


The cashback bonus is paid out on previous losses during your game-play over a specified period of time. In general the cashback bonus given on live games. Common cashback gifts are between five to ten percent.

Let's say you have deposited 200 in your local currency and you have lost it all you might receive 10 to 20 back. It often happens that a cashback bonus has very low wagering terms which is very nice.


The Free Chip is another “free gift”. It's given by many casinos to new players who never played in their live casino. This way one can try out Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat or any other live game for free.

There is a downside to the “free chip”. Most casinos have to ways to lower their risk of losing the bonus to you. One is to cap winnings. This they avoid having to pay you thousands when you only played the free chip. Or they add wagering requirements.


The Deposit Bonus is not a specific live casino promotion. Having said that, there are casinos where you can use the first deposit bonus on their live games too. Bear in mind most of the live games only count partially towards the wagering requirements.

Besides the first deposit bonus  any other bonus offered on your deposit whilst you stay at the casino can be used for table games in the live casino section. But it isn't a live casino bonus exclusive.